There is nothing more impressive than the resilience of the human spirit.
We get it! Life is hard! Now that the pity party is out of the way…get your butt up and go after what you truly want…and deserve! What did you say? “You have the spouse, the children, work, parents, and so on?” We know, but now it is time to put yourself on your list.

Are you a person who has struggled through life, gave all to your children, put your goals behind for others? Are you feeling like your dreams are slipping away right in front of your face? If you are, Althea Bates, Stephanie Vargas, Yashate’ Pendergrass, Jessica Mayor, and Chrita Paulin will give you the courage to push your fears and excuses to the side and become the person you were meant to be. In this inspirational book, these ladies show you how you can kick down the walls of doubt and introduce yourself to your God-given purpose. What you have forgotten is: In the midst of your resistance, “you have been blessed and God has not forsaken you.” 

In this Passion to Purpose anthology, the authors will inspire you to get unstuck if you are just willing to:
•Recognize that fear is not in your DNA
•Birthing purpose requires self-discipline
•Identify recurring patterns of mistakes and refuse to give in
•Be empowered by the blueprint of your life
•Walk the steps from darkness to light

It’s your time. Take your passion and turn it in to your purpose.

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